We Accept Bitcoin For Buying Fake IDs

How To Buy Bitcoins

Pay using a Bitcoin ATM

  1. Find Bitcoin ATM In your location. You can do that HERE. You can also search google for “bitcoin atm near me”
  2. After placing an order, you will see the Bitcoin Wallet address and the QR Code.(You will need the Barcode/QR code to buy at any ATM)
  3. Go to any Bitcoin ATM and on the ATM, you will need to use your phone number to register before using the ATM.
  4. Scan the Bitcoin wallet QR Code/Barcode at the ATM given to you after order was placed.
  5. Enter the total amount of money for your order and Press Done.

That’s it! Head out to the ATM right away. Once you get there, you will be asked to enter in a phone number. Use your cell phone number, and an SMS verification code will be sent to it. Verify your phone by entering in the SMS code sent to you on the ATM.

Now you will likely be asked to set a 4 digit pin. This is just for use at the ATM if you wish to use the ATM again. Some ATMs will ask to scan the barcode on the back of your ID. This is perfectly safe as there is no way to tell who the money is being sent to, certainly not to us!

Make sure to select that you are BUYING Bitcoin(BTC). Make sure you see “BTC” on your selection! You will be asked how you want to be paid, to which you will answer “Personal Wallet” or “Wallet QR Code.”

Now the ATM will ask to scan your barcode. Hold your phone up to the scanner with the barcode you got from us showing on the screen. Move it back and forth a little bit if it is having trouble scanning. It will eventually pick it up.

After the scan is complete, you will be able to enter money into the machine. Accept anything it says about the value or price of bitcoin. Go ahead and enter in the exact amount due for your order in cash. Once complete, hit done.

That’s it! You will see the successful ordering page immediately.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal/ Credit Card

This is currently the only way to get bitcoins quickly using PayPal or credit cards. It can be done in three simple steps:

1. Log on to https://xcoins.io website, register and verify.

2. Buy Bitcoin according to the total amount of the order.

3. In the main menu of the website, click “Extract Bitcoin” to extract the Bitcoin to our designated wallet address that will be given to you after placing your order.

Since this platform stipulates that new users can only buy $100 a day, if your order amount is more than $100, please continue to buy through this platform the next day, and so on. When you get enough bitcoin to pay the total amount of the order, you can withdraw the bitcoin according to the third step mentioned above

When you encounter any payment problems, you can always send an e-mail to order@buyfakeid.net, and we are always at your service.